AJ Hackett Bungy
This eponymous company was founded in the 1980s by AJ Hackett, who quite literally threw everything he had into it. Climbing up the Eiffel Tower, Hackett bungy jumped off early one morning to prove the safety of the newly designed ropes. Despite being immediately arrested, Hackett’s stunt was a success, and the company is now an iconic tourism brand in New Zealand. Offering both challenge and adventure to travellers, the team now offer several different thrill-seeking activities across the country.

Franz Josef Glacier
A 12km-long glacier located in Westland Tai Poutini National Park on New Zealand’s South Island, Franz Josef allows travellers to experience a dynamic glacial environment, all within walking distance from the main highway. Part of the country’s UNESCO World Heritage area, the glacier’s surging waterfalls and glacial rivers ensure an adventure and leisure destination that’s just ready to be explored. Hike, climb, and even heli-hike around the glacier with a number of companies eager to get you close to the coolest action.

Huka Falls
The Huka Falls are the largest falls on the Waikato River, situated near Taupo on New Zealand’s North Island. Up to 220,000 litres of water gushes out every second as it squeezes through a narrow opening and meanders its way down rapids. Hike up the Spa Park to several vantage points for a spectacular picture or five – or even take a jet boat to the falls’ mighty base if you’re feeling brave.

Shotover Canyon Swing
Travel 15 minutes from Queenstown in a 4WD vehicle, take an easy three-minute bush walk and arrive at Shotover Canyon Swing, a purpose-built, cliff-mounted platform on the edge of a cliff 109m above the Shotover River. Leaving the safety of the platform, freefall 60m down into the canyon until the rope smoothly swings into a giant 200m swing. Complete a couple of massive swings before slowly coming to rest. Awesome.

Skyline Queenstown

Skyline Queenstown is home to the ultimate gondola and luge experience. As well as the tranquil uphill gondola ride and the thrilling downhill loge tracks, Skyline offers plenty of other things such as walking tracks, mountain biking trails, cultural experiences, adventure activities and great dining options, all with unsurpassed scenic views.

Tongariro Crossing

Whether you’re an avid trekker or part-time adventurist, the Tongariro Crossing is deemed one of the best one-day treks in the world. Located within the World Heritage Site of the Tongariro National Park, the crossing, though steep in some places, takes you across active volcanoes, thermal steam vents, and emerald and blue lakes. The 19.4 kilometre journey takes around six to eight hours to complete, but leaves participants with a great sense of achievement – as well as stunning photos of the natural landscape. 

Waitomo Caves
By taking a trip to the Waitomo Caves, travellers are transported back millions of years in time. Created by geological and volcanic activity over the last 30 million years, the limestone caves are home to Arachnocampa luminosa – or glow worms as they’re most commonly called. Peppering the caves’ ceilings like stars in the night sky, the glow worms attract travellers from near and far, with boat rides and walking tours leading them through the warren of tunnels.