“Joyville” workers placed themselves in Cardiff, Liverpool and Manchester, armed with Olympics tickets to give away to a deserving person.

One Joyville worker pretended to accidently drop his suitcase, his belongings flying everywhere. When a man stopped to help him collect the scattered items from the street, he was rewarded with Olympics tickets to the 100m Men’s final.

“When I saw a guy in the street drop his suitcase and the contents scatter everywhere my reaction, as always, was to go over and lend a hand,” said the kind-hearted helper, who was also rewarded with some Cadbury chocolates.

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Cadbury is the Official Treat Provider of the London 2012 Olympics and Paraolympic Games. They have hosted multiple Olympic ticket give-aways, including a Willy Wonka-style Golden Ticket giveaway, where consumers had the opportunity to win one of 1000 daily prizes.

“I’m so incredibly excited, I can’t believe I’ll be going to the Olympic Games!” said one of the winners.

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