The video is set to ‘Cold, Cold Heart,’ written by the legendary Hank Williams and performed by iconic American pop/jazz/show tunes singer Tony Bennett.

“The animation alludes to that universality” of love, Michael “Lippy” Lipman, the Doodle’s animator said. “These characters are archetypes, with no dialogue, so it can play around the world.”

In the animation’s heart-warming tale, a boy searches for the best way to display his affection for a girl skipping rope.

The lovestruck dude utilises Google in his goal to win her heart. However, the object of his affections is unimpressed all the usual go-to gifts for Valentine’s Day

Frustrated and having used everything he think is available to him, the lad inadvertently discovers the jump rope is the ultimate heartstring to pluck. Together, at last, their heart skips a beat.

The animation’s finish includes a half-dozen tiles featuring various ”couples,” including an astronaut and an alien; a dog and a cat; and a frog and a prince.

Some early viewers of the Doodle wondered whether the tile featuring two tuxedoed men holding hands would stir any controversy.

Check out the video below: