There will be the choice for other religious organisations to ‘opt-in’ to same-sex ceremonies.

Religious groups such as Unitarians, Liberal Jews and Quakers are in favour of same sex marriages.

Culture Secretary Maria Miller explained that there would be a “quadruple lock” to protect religious autonomy from challenges at the European Court of Human Rights.

Furthermore, this means that no individual minister will be compelled to marry same-sex couples, it also means amending the 2010 Equality Act to ensure members of the public can no accuse them of being discriminatory for not to marry a same sex couple. Canon Law, will still apply in both churches, which bans same-sex weddings.

Miller said: “European law already puts religious freedoms beyond doubt, and we will go even further by bringing in an additional ‘quadruple legal lock’.

“But it is also a key aspect of religious freedom that those bodies who want to opt in should be able to do so.”

Labour shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper, said: “We should not stop people from getting married and getting that recognition from the state on grounds of gender or sexuality.

“We should not here in Parliament say that some loving relationships have greater value than others.”

The idea of same-sex marriage has apparently divided the Conservative Party. It’s believed that more than 100 Tory MPs are anti-same-sex marriage.

Conservative Party MP Peter Bone said: “How dare the secretary of state try to redefine marriage?”

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