But a Welsh grandma has been electronically tagged after rubbing her grandson’s face in the urine he delivered on to her new carpet.

In fact, ‘rubbing’ may be an inaccurate term – ‘dragged his face through’ may be more accurate.

Cardiff Crown Court heard that she decided to “rub his face in it” to teach him a lesson.

The poor little boy suffered burns to his face and ear after the 51-year-old dragged his head across the carpet.

The angry gran, who was not named for legal reasons, managed to escape a prosin sentence – she was given a one-year suspended sentence and will have to wear an electronic tag on her leg.

Judge Paul Hopkins QC told her:

“You had been placed in a position of trust by your daughter but something went terribly wrong.

“You dragged him across the floor, causing facial and ear injuries and you have shown no remorse for your actions.”

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