Greek politicians have approved further austerity cuts despite recent violent protests in the capital.

The beleaguered government led by Prime Minister George Papandreou won the parliamentary vote with 154 votes in favour of the measures and 144 against.

The new cuts should be enough to convince the European Union and International Monetary Fund that the Greek government deserve an 8 billion euro ($11 billion) bailout which they desperately need to keep their economy afloat.

The latest round of austerity measures, which include severe pay and pension cuts, raised taxes and labour law changes have been stridently opposed by the population who have taken to the streets in their thousands to register their anger in Athens’ main square.

At least 74 injured people were taken to hospital in recent clashes with police and one man died of a heart attack at the protest, but officials confirmed he had not been hurt in skirmishes.

Papandreou will now meet with European leaders in Brussels on Sunday to discuss how to contain the debt crisis.

“We are at a critical point, not only for us but for European history. I have never, in my memory, heard before from leaders of major European countries that there is danger of Europe coming apart,” Papandreou said before the vote.

“It is time for all of us now to assume our collective responsibility.”