With its barely integrated strands, this multi-authored climate change
concoction has the hallmark of too many cooks (four playwrights and a
dramaturg) and never really grips.

It’s moderately interesting some of the
time, but it’s so bitty and lacking in dramatic depth that Lisa’s decision –
as she floats overhead in a shopping trolley – to become an activist rather
than a teacher, a pair of rowing lesbians with different viewpoints, plus a
flirtation between an Ed Miliband aide and a climate modelling scientist en
route to the Copenhagen summit, are all almost instantly forgettable.

The highlight of Bijan Sheibani’s production is a fantastic life-size polar
bear which lumbers up to a guillemot-studying Arctic ornithologist, sniffs
his boots, decides he’s not worth the effort, and ambles off again. Wise

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Louise Kingsley