Yes, 2012s most influential cat (as voted by readers of MSNBC) is moving to Hollywood to shoot for the American dream.

Grumpy cat – real name Tardar Sauce – is reportedly being managed by specialist feline talent agent Ben Lashes and Al Hassas who have their own production company called A Weird Movie.

Concrete details on the film itself are still fairly sketchy, although it is being rumoured on that Grumpy cat will be given the power of speech à la Garfield… Which just sounds fucking atrocious.

Comedy stars Will Ferrell and Jack Black are also rumoured to be in the frame to play roles in the movie. I can only say, out of respect for both of them, that I sincerely hope they don’t wind up being in this movie, but chances are they both probably will.

Who knows though, it could be good? I have my doubts though.