For the TV lift project, you will need:

  • a linear actuator;

  • support construction;

  • a stand for fixation;

  • cables, bolts, screws, etc.;

  • tools to put it all together.

We recommend you to start with preparing a support construction. If you are using a dresser as a base, take away all shelves and metallic elements that can stand in the way of the lift. Then make an orthogonal hole in the upper dresser panel that should be wide enough to fit a TV.

As the next step, turn to a lifting mechanism. You can assemble your own lifting system using a linear actuator and some support arms. This will require some engendering skills and can be quite time-consuming, but you can manage to do by following instructions. At the same time, you can simply purchase a TV lift system that will fit your project. It may cost more, but the manufacturer can guarantee the safety and endurance of the construction.

When you have selected a lifting system, fix it to the bottom of the dresser and/or the wall. If required, attach a fixation stand for better TV support. Then you can mount a TV on your system. Make sure that all screws are tightened and any wires are twisted. Finally, you can enjoy your own automatically lifted TV!

Final Tips for a DIY TV Lift Project

There are some more things to keep in mind  before you rush into building a DIY TV lift. First of all, try to get the measurements as precisely as possible, this will save you time and money for fixing mistakes.

Pay extra attention when choosing a linear actuator for your project. Consider your TV’s characteristics as well as room design. We recommend purchasing an actuator with at least 50% greater weight capacity and 2 inches longer length to prevent the lifting system from falling down.

Finally, remember that your construction should be not only functional, but also attractive. Consider designing small automatic doors that will open when the TV appears, and then hide it when it’s not in use.


Designing a DIY TV lift can be much cheaper than purchasing a complete set of furniture from the store. Follow our guide to create your own linear actuator lifting system that will perfectly fit your TV. If you prepare and plan everything beforehand, the construction itself won’t take more than a day.