The ‘Guiness Class’ aircraft will be flying between the UK and Dublin Friday and Saturday evenings beginning with their first flight Friday, October 5th. The flights will run for a nine-week period giving Guinness patrons the experience of a life time.

The jet is a premium in luxury, fit with complete leather interior, exquisite surroundings, and premier service from the stewards. Stewards who are also specially trained to pour a pint even at flying altitude and serve you with food designed to be paired with the stout.

Nick Britton, GUINNESS Senior Brand Manager, commented: “Whether it is brewing the perfect pint or flying our consumers by private jet to the home of Guinness, we never settle for the ordinary.”

GUINNESS drinkers in pubs across the UK will have the opportunity to have a seat on one of these flight free of charge. They will be flown to Dublin, the hometown of the stout, and flown back home before dawn. These promotions will be occurring every Friday and Saturday night at 6pm and 8pm.

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