All the fuss over Olympic athletes has left little room for the unsung heroes of unusual sports.

The astonishing athletes are honoured in the new Guinness World Records e-book, Totally Bonkers Sporting Champions, also available on iPad, nook and kindle.

These athletics adventures will make you wonder, marvel and even nauseated.

They include Japan’s Kenichi Ito (pictured below), self-proclaimed ‘monkey enthusiast, who recorded the fastest 100m on all fours in just 18.58 seconds.  That’s only 9 seconds longer than the fastest man on two legs, Jamaca’s Usain Bolt.

%TNT Magazine% Fastest 100m running on all fours 

Guinness World Record veteran, John Evans holds the 14-year record for the heaviest car balanced on the head. Evans from Derbyshire carried a Mini Cooper, weighing 159.6kg-352lb- on his head for over half a minute.

Darren Taylor (pictured below) AKA Professor Splash, has over 25 years of diving into 30cm of water. The shallow diving expert plunged from a height of 11.20 m -36ft 8.94 in- landing into just 30 cm of water.

%TNT Magazine% Darren Taylor Highest Shallow Dive 

Craig Glendaym Guinness World Records editor-in-chief, told the Daily Mail, ‘It’s all very well being a professional athlete, but what about the pea-shooters, toe-wrestlers and haggis-hurlers?

‘Who gives these passionate sporting heroes the credit they deserve? Thankfully, Guinness World Records is here to congratulate and celebrate these unsung heroes of the track, field and bog.’

Photos provided by Guinness World Records