The would-be burglar identified as Christopher Lance Moore was attempting to force entry to a home in the city of Springtown in the early hours of Tuesday morning when things all went a bit pair-shaped for him.

He was confronted by the home’s owner, James Gerow armed only with a question as to why Mr Moore was in his house… And a .345 magnum handgun.

Moore fled the house while Mrs Gerow phoned 911 and her husband set off in hot pursuit, his pistol trained on the fleeing man’s back. 

Mr Moore made it back to his car where he then himself phoned the police, reportedly telling the responder that he was trapped in his vehicle and that “some guy has a gun on me”.

While Mr Moore was busy calling the police, Mr Gerow was busy blocking his car in with his own, getting his 13 year old son to keep an eye on the “unlucky” robber with a 12-gauge shotgun.

Needless to say Moore was later arrested and charged with breaking and entering. It’s lucky for him that being a complete moron isn’t an offense otherwise he’d be looking at a life sentence without parole.