Guns N’ Roses’ disastrous Reading and Leeds appearances have triggered a war of words with festival organisers.

having their sets cut short at both Leeds and Reading due to appearing
late on stage, Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose is claiming that the
band had a deal with festival bosses to play on past the curfew.

Tweeted: “So u know, we allegedly had a deal in place pre show w/the
city at least at Leeds to do a bit longer performance that was either
miscommunication, someone wasn’t informed, changed their mind, didn’t
care or [it] was a con.”

However, Guns N’ Roses’ claims were contradicted by event organiser Melvin Benn, who told NME that such a deal had never been in place and that “bands often say things like that when they are curtailed”.

N’ Roses had already pissed fans off by arriving an hour late for their
slot at Reading on Friday. The delay meant organisers, who had already
warned the band not to be late, were forced to cut their sound at

However, the group were again late at the Leeds
Festival on Sunday and strict curfews by police meant that again, Guns
N’ Roses’ slot was curtailed.

Taking it with charming grace,
Rose told Leeds fans: “We come here to play for you but the cops and
the promoters wanna f**k us in the a**.”

The Guns N’ Roses star left with the parting note: “Be safe, good night and to all the cops and promoters – f**k you.”

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