Gurkhas and the RAF will be hit hardest by the governments first wave of defence cuts.

Around 140 of the Nepalese soldiers will face the sack while 2000 soldiers and RAF personnel will also face the chop.

The army is expected to dimiss 920 soldiers today. 660 of the departures will be voluntary while 260 soldiers, 140 of which will are gurkhas, will face compulsory dismissal,

The MoD said the cuts to the gurkhas was necessary because changes to their working conditions in 2008 which allowed them to serve for 22 years rather than the previous 15 years made them more expensive to employ.

930 RAF personnel will also be told they are being made redundant, 490 of which will be compulsory redundancies. 

The cuts come at a time when Britain's airforce is still active in Libya.

Today’s sackings are the first stage in a process that will see the armed services lose more than 22,000 posts by 2015.

The cuts form part of the coalition's much vaunted strategy to reduce the deficit and curtail the defence budget.

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