In 2002 the computer whiz was accused of hacking into US military computers. He recently won his fight against extradition to the US.

Three months after the government decided to block McKinnon’s extradition to the United States, it’s been decided that no further legal action will be taken against the Briton here in the UK.

McKinnon was siad to have been part of the “the biggest military computer hack of all time”.
Janis Sharp, McKinnon’s mother said: “Gary was tearful because of the relief – he was so scared. It’s going to be such a nice Christmas not to have everything hanging over us.”

The extradition has be blocked due to the fact it breached his human rights. He has Asperger’s syndrome and suffers from serious depression, and his extradition to the US would likely have caused him to end his life.

“This has been a difficult and exceptional case,” said home secretary, Theresa May in parliament.

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