The brainchild behind Dawg Grog, is 32 year old brewer Daniel Keeton who works at the Boneyard Brewery of Bend, Oregon when he’s not at home perfecting his mutt-friendly beer.

The beer itself is made with wort, or spelt grain that Keeton gathers from the shop floor of his day job when it gets left over in the process of making the real beer.

“I’m recycling a spent product that would otherwise go down the drain,” said Keeton.
“I’ve had a lot of people say dogs love human beer,” he added. “But obviously that’s not good for dogs, so I wanted to make an alternative that’s fun to give to your dog as well as a beneficial healthy treat.”

The first batches of Dawg Grog went on sale in Bend, and comes in half litre bottles.

When asked what his brew tasted like, Keeton responded “It’s sweet and kind of caramelly and malty,” before adding that it was best enjoyed on its own (presumably not in a tall glass) or poured over a lovely bowl of dog food.

Image: Getty