Premature baldness can make you look older than your age. You may have tried using various shampoos or even medication that promise to stop hair loss, but eventually, they did not produce any positive result. Now that you don’t have any other option left, why not opt for an unorthodox approach to combat this situation. In fact, most people in London who are suffering from premature baldness are choosing this effective technique to look younger again. Wondering what this technique is? It is known as a man weave. This technique involves total or partial hair replacement depending on your scalp’s condition.

The better alternative to wigs

Wearing a wig may not be comfortable for everyone. Since hair transplants in London are incredibly costly, man weave has fast become a cost-effective solution for everyone. People facing alopecia or cancer have patterned baldness. Some may even go completely bald due to the treatment. 

But once your treatment is complete, you have two options: man, a weave which is a temporary solution and scalp micropigmentation which is a permanent solution. Many patients in London hair clinics often go for the former as it delivers satisfying results without costing a lot of money, helping them regain some much-needed self-confidence.

The longevity of man weaves

Depending on the style of the man weave, the hair unit can last from one to six weeks. Man weaves hardly require any maintenance. The specialists in London handpick the hairs and fit them on your scalp using a unique technique so that it won’t come off easily. Here are a few more features of man weave that you should know:

•    It is an entirely non-surgical procedure that can last up to 4 months.

•    All the hair units are customized and tailor-made for the users.

•    You can find hair units from different countries to suit your hairstyle.

•    This procedure can restore your natural look of having a full head of hair.

Cost involved

Among all the possible hair growth treatments like hair transplant, scalp culture, elixir pigmentation, scalp micropigmentation, etc. man weave is the most cost-effective option. Although it does not produce permanent hair, you can always go for it if you don’t want to shell out a significant amount of money. The cost of man weaves in London depends on the type of hair you are choosing and on the number of weeks for which you want the hair unit to last. Here is an approximate price list for your idea:

•    Hair units lasting for one to two weeks may cost around £200.

•    If you opt for the ones that last for approximately 6 weeks, you may have to spend £300.

•    There are costlier options too that can last for about 4 months. This package may cost almost £500. 

Try a man weave once to see how stylish it looks. Since there are options to try different hairstyles, you may as well keep the thoughts of growing permanent hair back and try a variety of hair weaves every few months.