Ormsby, originally from Sydney, was on holiday in Bali in February of this year when she was caught up in a drugs raid and found to be in possession of half a joint. Not much, you might think, but it was enough for the young lady to be hauled up in front of the judicial system which takes a tough approach to drugs and those who commit crimes involving them. 

Ormsby (above – in July of this year) though, told the judge of the case that she had a history of drug use and received a lenient sentence as a result. Well, lenient with regard to what she could have received – she was still sentenced to 10 months in jail back in July.

However, she had already spent a considerable amount of time in jail up until this point, and had one month cut off her sentence for good behaviour, and can now look forward to walking away a free woman on November 12.  

“Last time I met her was about two weeks ago. She was glad with the news and she’d started packing her things,” her lawyer Ari Soenardi told AAP of the news of her release.

“She’s excited to be released sooner.” 

Ormsby could have received anything up to 12 years in jail for her crimes which, although they may have been considered minor in other parts of the world, are not in Indonesia and Bali especially where she was at the time of the incident. 

She has spent the best part of this year, including her 38th birthday in cramped and pretty unpleasant conditions but has maintained that she only became aware of the raid when she returned to a villa where she had been staying. A tip off had suggested to authorities that a party had been taking place at this property involving drugs. 

Photo: via Getty.