Christopher Nolan is one of the biggest, most important movie directors working these days. He has also, while becoming one of the industry’s most important men, managed to wow the critics and also bring in some of the biggest bucks at the box office, too. Quite a rare treat, but then this is the man whose CV already includes cult-fave-turned-modern-classic Memento, dream-jumping, reality-shifting, moviegoer-perplexing Inception, oh, and those little movies that collectively went by the name of The Dark Knight trilogy. That said, this is going to be his biggest movie yet. In every way.  

It is a three hour epic about the death of the earth, the future of mankind, space travel, the perception of time, dazzling IMAX effects to pop your tiny little eyes and Michael Caine. Well, he is not so much the main draw here – that would fall to Matthew McConnaughey – but the iconic Brit is clearly a Nolan fave having appeared in no fewer than six of his flicks to date.

The former Texan stars alongside Anne Hathaway as two folk who are tasked with saving mankind by jetting off on a journey into outer space to find us a future after we have knackered things down here. People are already comparing it to Stanley Kubrick’s cine-classic 2001: A Space Odyssey, and trust us, the comparisons are not undeserved in the slightest. 

If you can, get yourself an IMAX ticket – it is the effin’ big screen format that Nolan prefers – as this is going to make Gravity look like Doctor Who by comparison. Absolutely out of this world. 


Interstellar is out November 7 courtesy of Warner Bros.