Swedish artist Bengt Andersson might think twice before trying to upstage another artist’s exhibition again after being vigorously beaten by security guards at an art gallery in Malmo. 

Andersson had bought a long a new piece of art he had created – a gun sculpture with what he called ‘penis shaped bullets’ to an exhibition of fellow artist Lars Vilks, an artist known for starting wide spread riots when he tried to exhibit his depiction’s of the Prophet Muhammad. 

It was because of this incident that Vilks has been forced to hire security guards whenever he exhibits his work in public and, consequently, why the 73-year-old Andersson got his face beaten to a pulp. 

According to a police report translated into English by the Huffington Post, Vilks’ guards mistook Andersson’s sculpture for a real gun and set upon him. 

“When they see a weapon they have to intervene like this to protect this subject [Vilks] who is subject to a high level of threat,” a police official said.

Mr Andersson though has filed complaints against the guards for using excessive force against him, saying he was hospitalised after the incident. 

“I had no idea that Vilks was there,” Mr Andersson said. “How was I supposed to know that?”

There’s probably a joke in there somewhere about ‘flogging’…

Image: Getty