Summer Heights High is Chris Lilley’s spin-off series from We Can Be Heroes: Finding The Australian of the Year.

The mockumentary style comedy is a parody of high-school seen through three main characters: Ja’mie King, Mr G, and Jonah Takalua, all of whom are played by Lilley himself. 

After seeing success with the Summer Heights High Lilley has confirmed that a new series following the exploits of the character Ja’mie will be released later this year. Ja’mie King was also in We Can Be Heroes and the new program will be called Ja’mie: Private School Girl. It will also be shot in a mockumentary style.

To celebrate this upcoming series we’ve put together a Top Ten of the funniest clips from Summer Heights High so that you can get an idea of what Chris Lilley’s creations are all about.



Mr G’s Evacuation Drills

Mr G and Celine

Ja’mie King on the benefits of formals

Mr G Sniffing Kids

Ja’mie King Touring

Killing His Dog

Ja’mie King Bitching

Paedophile Pete