Who says that superheroes only exist in comic books and on the big screen? 

Former firefighter John Buckland (who will be known for the duration of this story as Batman) and Troy Marcum (Captain America) were providing entertainment at a children’s party in the state of West Virginia when they reportedly saw smoke rising from a nearby house. 

According to the SBS’s Odd Spot news page the two men – both still dressed in their superhero garb – sprung into action. They ran to the house, with another unnamed (and, presumably not costumed) bystander, kicked in the door and managed to open a window to allow the smoke to escape. 

Buckland used his experience as a fireman, crawling through the house searching to see if anyone was inside. It is then he said he found a small, furry kitten. Grabbing the animal he then ran out of the burning house, STILL in his batman cap and mask remember, and proceeded to give the cat mouth to mouth resuscitation on the nature strip. 

Just hold and cherish that image in your mind – Batman giving mouth to mouth to a tiny kitten! 

Neither Batman or Captain America were injured in the fire, although Buckland apparently joked that the cat did swat at his face when it regained consciousness. 

The SBS’s account of the story ends there, but I like to think that both Batman and Captain America fled before the scoop hungry journalists and thankful citizens arrived and went back to blowing up balloons at the kids party. 

Image: Getty