The river in Wallington cracked the defence walls built to protect the village when heavy rainfall caused the water level to rise. It is not the only UK river burst its banks today. In some places more than a quarter of December’s average rainfall fell in a 13-hour period, leaving motorists stranded on roads and cars being submerged.

A severe flood warning was issued for the small village of Wallington by the Environment Agency, saying it would be evacuated immediately.

85 homes were evacuated, and the residents are waiting out the floods at a nearby leisure centre in Fareham. 50 houses in the village already had flood defences, which were installed 18 months ago as part of a government grant.

Claire Nash, 40, a Wallington resident said that the defences are not working properly and has ruined their festivities: “We have moved the Christmas tree and presents upstairs.”

John Wilcox, manager of the village community association, said that the defence walls built to protect the village from flooding had “done well” to protect it until now.

According to the Met Office, there will be more heavy rain on Saturday, but some relief tomorrow. 


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