A fearless granny fought off robbers who were smashing their way into a jewellers, using only her handbag.

Despite the fact that there were six robbers armed with sledgehammers, the grandmother ran down the street and accosted them with her handbag.

The gang had already managed to break a window and had begun filling bags with jewellery. But while passers-by were happy to do nothing the pensioner rushed to the rescue.

The heroic moment was caught on camera and shows the thieves getting belted by the granny as they smash the jeweller’s windows.

Terrified by their grey-haired nemesis, the gang of thieves sped off on their scooters, only for one of them to fall off and be nabbed by members of the public.

He was arrested and the four other men were picked up by cops later.

The amazing scene happened at Michael Jones jewellers in Northampton yesterday.

Sarah-Jane Brown, who works in the hair salon next door, said: “The lady was absolutely amazing.

“We were terrified but looked out of the window to see her running down the road with her handbag in the air.”