Albuquerque police followed 58-year-old Donald Jones after he picked up a woman in a well known area of the city for prostitution to a McDonalds where they observed him purchasing food at a drive-through.

Having purchased the food, Jones was then followed to a nearby local park where officers pounced on his truck before he could get amongst his quarter pound…her.

Upon reaching Jones’ truck, officers found that the woman had her pants off and she quickly confessed, saying that she had agreed to have sex with Jones accepting the food in-lieu of monetary payment.

To make matters worse for the 58-year-old Jones, upon a routine search of his car following his arrest for soliciting, officers found a stash of narcotics and have subsequently also charged him with possession of dangerous drugs.

Woe is poor Mr Jones. It is funny to think how quickly things can turn from sweet to sour (sauce).

Surely they won’t uphold the drug charges against him, unless of course they found his HASH browns. 

It is not even clear as to whether or not Jones even got to sample his McSlurry’s hot-cakes before he was so rudely interrupted…

I imagine having a bunch of police officers banging on your truck window would give even the most turgid man’s piece something of a soft serve.

Oh, somebody stop me!