Hard Rock Cafe in London has teamed up with Barnardo’s to launch a Nationwide Guitar Amnesty. 

The Amnesty is a call for musicians who have outgrown junior guitars, broken one playing a killer riff or simple given up on their six string friend to donate the instrument at their local Hard Rock Cafe. 

Kicking off on May 18 – the launch of 40 Days That Rock, a celebration of 40 years of Hard Rock – and culminating on June 26, Hard Rock Café will polish, fix and make sure your donation goes to a good home.

In return you will be given a Hard Rock goodie bag. 

It doesn’t matter how beaten up the guitar is, the neck, strings, tuning pegs and pickups can be used in the rebuilding of others.

Once brought back to a playable condition all guitars will be donated to Barnardo’s to help nurture stars of the future.

150 Old Park Lane, W1K 1QZ