Jamie Waylett (above in 2009) has been jailed for his part in the looting, violence and criminality which took to the streets of London last summer.

Waylett was with a gang of four people who took to the streets of north London and was pictured holding a petrol bomb – he claimed he had been holding it for a friend – and swigging from a stolen bottle of champagne passed to him by another rioter. 

Waylett was sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court, the jury taking three and a half hours to reach the verdict that will see Wylett serve his time at Pentonville prison. 

Judge Simon Carr said of Waylett’s actions: “You chose to go out on to the streets on what was the third day of the violence.

“The footage shows you in the near vicinity of a Sainsbury’s in Camden which was being looted.

“You were pictured on a number of occasions with a bottle full of petrol with a rag as a wick.

“I accept entirely the jury’s verdict that you did not throw or have any intention of throwing it, but merely being in possession of it would have been terrifying to anyone who saw you.”

Photo: Getty.