Ciara Cetraro hasn’t missed a single day of school since starting nursery – taking in an incredible 2000 consecutive days of education.

Cetraro from Kailu Kona has described how she became determined to retain her perfect attendance after receiving several awards for her flawless attendance in primary school.

“I never did this for the recognition or awards. It’s always been a personal choice and a hard habit to break,” she told West Hawaii Today.

“I guess I’m lucky that I’ve never got deathly ill or injured that I couldn’t participate at school,” she added.

Cetraro, who plans to on to study engineering or art history at university next year, says the privileges she was granted for her splendid attendance record – being allowed to run through sprinklers and go first in the lunch queue – incentivised her to continue her impeccable record.

“School is very important to me and I like it. I’ve always been afraid of possibly missing something. I just wanted to try my best, learn as much as I can and continually improve myself.

“By not missing a single day of school, I get the opportunity to build on and broaden my knowledge,” she said.

Cetraro attitude to schooling helped her achieved a sparking academic and extra-curricular record, becoming both president and treasure of her school’s honour society.

“Never let anyone sway you from anything. Always stay true to yourself,” said Cetraro.

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