Heathrow boss Colin Matthews has announced that he won’t take his Christmas bonus this year due to the airport chaos caused by the snow over the last week.

Matthews, who’s the chief executive for airport operator BAA told Sky News: “We’ve had a crisis here. I am responsible and I have decided not to take my bonus.”

BAA will not reveal the amount that Mr Matthews would have received in bonus this year, however, in 2009 Matthews received £944,000 for his services including salary and bonus.

Heathrow slammed for snow handling failure

Mr Matthews also said that BAA would prepare better for future events.

“We have to assume we’ll have weather like this in the future. We will need to purchase new equipment and we will need to do it quickly. We must make sure this does not happen again,” he said.

Matthews denies rumours in media that he’s getting a ‘secret bonus’ by BAA to make up for the official bonus he now is losing out on.

Thousands of passengers have been stranded at Heathrow, and airports around Europe, since Saturday’s heavy snowfall.

The second runway at Heathrow has now reopened and 70 per cent of flights operated as usual yesterday.