Heathrow flights are being disrupted today thanks to thick fog that has descended on much of the UK. There are delays to both arriving and departing flights.

On its website, the Met Office issued a severe weather warning for much of central England. Drivers are warned to be careful as visibility worsens in the fog.

“The public should be aware that areas of dense fog are likely to become more extensive across parts of London, southeast and eastern England this evening,” said a statement on the website.

Heathrow has been seriously affected and by 6.30 this morning, more than 20 flights had been cancelled.

Last night, passengers faced a night camped out at the airport as Heathrow, cancelled 132 flights, most of them short-haul.

London City is also facing disruption due to the fog. Last night 44 flights were suspended and today 10 have been cancelled so far.

A Gatwick Airport spokesman said that the airport had low visibility and was experiencing a couple of delays, but on the whole flights were running as scheduled.

According to the BBC, the fog and poor weather conditions are likely to improve by mid-morning today.

Get more info here: metoffice.gov.uk / heathrowairport.com