A man has been arrested after Heathrow Terminal 5 was partially evacuated when a suspect package was discovered.

The suspect, who is thought to be British and in his thirties, is now in police custody as officers inspect the package, according to Sky News.

A confrontation took place between armed Police and the man who threatened to blow himself up, according to the Guardian.

But Police have said that there was no standoff.

When the incident took place in ground-side departures, no new passengers were allowed to enter the building which is exclusively used by British Airways.

Heathrow’s owner, BAA, said: “Terminal 5 departures has been partially evacuated due to a police incident. Passengers due to depart from Terminal 5 will not be able to enter the terminal and should await further advice.”

A small section of the airport was cordoned off at 12.50pm, but planes were departing and arriving as normal.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “A suspect package was found at Terminal Five this afternoon and someone is with police.

“There was no stand-off.”