The Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven. Just the names conjure up images of some of the amazing sights of China’s city of cities.

The Great Wall of China

The first time you see the sheer scale and engineering brilliance of
the wall is literally breathtaking. Not to be missed – and it’s only an
hour from Beijing.


Old-world sophistication meets the futuristic in what is once again one of the greatest cities in the world. The best place to eat, drink, party and flavour the relentless march and modern-day mayhem of China’s rise to global ascendency.

The Himalayas

Head to Tibet and take a journey across the roof of the world. From the spiritual grandeur of the capital, Lhasa, to the remarkable landscape of the world’s tallest mountains, to some of the friendliest locals you’ll meet anywhere, Tibet has to be seen to be believed.


Backpacker mecca with plenty of cheap bars, eats and activities, set amid breathtaking mountain peaks rising bizarrely amid the lush greenery.

Hong Kong

The perfect fusion of east and west. Chinese enough
to offer a great cultural experience  yet western enough to have every
cab driver speaking English. Awesome.


Think it’s all about beef ‘n’ black bean or sweet n sour pork? No
way. From the industrial strength chillies of Szechuan to the delicate
dumplings of Shanghai, the food is as varied and tasty as the country