Hobo with a Shotgun

Cert: 18 RT: 82 mins


From topless women beating a man to death with

baseball bats for fun to a schoolbus full of children being torched by a

flame thrower, Hobo With A Shotgun might force cinema owners to hand

out sickbags to punters.

Those with a strong stomach are in for a real treat, though. A

twisted, darkly comical Grindhouse offering, Hobo With A Shotgun has

enough jaw-dropping moments to ensure it attains cult status.


Hauer is perfect as the titular vagrant who has the misfortune of

blowing into a town run by nutter Drake (Brian Downey) and his two

equally unhinged sons. The hobo lets some vile things slide – including

an astonishing decapitation featuring a manhole cover ?– but when sweet

prostitute Abby (Dunsworth) is targeted, he fights back with a shotgun.


those unfamiliar with Grindhouse, Hobo With A Shotgun might well seem

unwatchably bad with its OTT performances, obvious plot-twists and

gratuitous violence.

There’s some real smart thinking behind the

storyline, however, with director Jason Eisener paying homage to a

genre he clearly adores while coming up with new and improved ways to

work ?your gag reflex.

Put the brain in park and just enjoy.

Good for:  Putting you off your dinner.

-Pierre de Villiers