The group of five teenagers, who had been drinking, began yelling racist about another passenger on the bus becuase she was Asian.

Passenger Bernd Fichtner, a retired teacher, said the driver stopped the bus and ejected the girls, who were estimated to be aged between 14 and 17.

“It was, quite obviously, a disgusting, frightening and very upsetting experience, but for two reasons both my wife [Pam] and I felt a sense of relief at the end of it all,” he said.”Firstly, because the driver did a fantastic job in negotiating with these girls, later insisting on their leaving, and the whole time communicating with us, the other passengers.”Secondly, because unlike in the other similar incidents reported recently, this time the passengers did not let the perpetrators get away with it. They stood up to them, protected and looked after the victim as best they could, and together got rid of this small minority, which otherwise might yet again have triumphed.”

He said the driver immediately stopped and told the teenagers to start behaving or get off the bus. After some persuasion they did, although continued to shout insults from outside.

The driver reported the incident to the depot and checked that the other passengers were okay before continuing the journey, Mr Fichtner said.

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