In fact, more women admitted to feeling down than men, with 61% of women and 51% of men feeling sad, in low spirits or depressed, after returning from a holiday.

Conversely 62% of Brits admitted to feeling happier and more positive when taking time off to travel. Additionally, momondo found that for 30% of Brits, a holiday has a positive effect on their relationship with their partner. And 20% of Brits stated a holiday has a positive effect on their children.

However it seems happiness on holiday is dependent for many on their travel companions. For 22% of those surveyed by momondo, their people they are travelling with must be happy, for them to have a good holiday themselves.

The travel website found the return to everyday life after a holiday was often made easier for Brits, by fantasising about the next trip. Interestingly, 26% of women and 21% of men dream about being back on holiday after a trip. And 28% of women and 20% of men beat the holiday blues by dreaming about the next holiday they would like to take, according to momondo’s survey.