Ever keen to put the mockers on a good idea, some researchers have concluded that (at least for one third of women) holiday romance is dead.  

The idea of holidaying with their partner is about as attractive as going to bed with a snake. Not the deadly trouser snake though; more the kind that shed their skin all over you.

The boffins studying holiday experiences at sunshine.co.uk asked more than 2000 women who’d been on holiday with their partner recently, how they got on together.

The third who said they were ‘less attracted’ to their man during the break mostly said that was because they had peeling or sunburnt skin.

That’s not all though. They didn’t like spending that much time together either. And they drank too much. And ogled other women.

A quarter of the women admitted they’d prefer a girls’ holiday over one with their bloke, while a weird 16% said they’d prefer to go away with their mum and dad.

But there is hope for couples who want to get away to get in on.

Those who found their man more attractive did so because they thought that he took better care of himself on holiday, was just plain nicer to be around and lost weight.

And here’s the clincher, “because they had more sex on holiday”.