Bournemouth. Yes, Bournemouth.

We’ll admit that it’s not quite top of the list, but it still seems a bit of a weird 4th choice to us.

Unsurprisingly, the top UK naughty weekend destination is London, with couples choosing to hotfoot it to the big smoke for quality time with that special someone.

The rest of the top five destinations were a little less predictable. Birmingham was second favourite, followed by Glasgow, Bournemouth (pictured) and Manchester, based on bookings through

The poll revealed that nearly half of couples choose to go on naughty weekends away to “escape reality and experience something new”.  A quarter of couples do it to “spend more time together” and 20% went away “to celebrate a special occasion”.

The hotel booking website’s Tim Bekir reckons: “We’ve noticed a recent spike in couples booking weekends away with their partners in order to get in some quality time with their loved ones before the manic run up to Christmas begins.  I’m not too sure whether it’s the health benefits they’re chasing or something else.”

As for us, we thought Bournemouth was God’s waiting room, not sex city.

Or is that Eastbourne?