A new survey has found that social users could be making their homes targets for thieves who are using the technology to track unaware homeowners.

The data, collected by insurance specialist Admiral, showed that one in six social media users have fully open accounts, allowing anyone visibility. Nearly a third (30%) of people allow live check-in functions or location tagging while they’re away.

More than one in three (40%) of us post pictures on social media while on holiday, Instagram users being the most likely to do so, with 70% of people Instagramming their holiday.

Furthermore, one in six never check their privacy settings, with Facebook users being the least likely to do this. Nearly a third (30%) have also mentioned a future holiday on social media, notifying followers when they will be away from home.

Former Crime Scene Investigator, Alex Iszatt, advises: “If your friends can see where you have checked in, so can a burglar. Criminals can get a good idea about where you live and use [Google] Street View to find the best way into your property.” 

“Turn off location-sharing features, update your privacy settings and stop broadcasting to people who aren’t in your immediate group of friends.

“Try not to post from your holiday destination – it is a clear advertisement that your house is unoccupied. If you really can’t stop posting your pics – then add them to an album and share only with your close friends and relatives.”