United Democratic Movement (UDM) leader Bantu Holomisa on Friday condemned reports that African National Congress (ANC) members tried to disrupt a public meeting hosted by former ANC chairperson Terror Lekota.

Holomisa said ruling party leader Jacob Zuma should speak to his supporters who chanted “kill Lekota” outside the venue of a meeting in Orange Farm near Vereeniging on Thursday.

“South Africans are not ready to see him [Zuma] ascending to the corridors of power by jumping over the corpses of South Africans,” said Holomisa.

The UDM leader called on the Independent Electoral Commission to hold a meeting with all political parties, the heads of security forces and the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) to discuss how to “level the playing fields” ahead of general elections next year.

At the meeting on Thursday, Lekota said he expected ANC members to quit in “big numbers” in support of a breakaway party.

“The people will form their own party,” said Lekota in reply to a question on whether he was openly saying a new opposition party would be formed.

Lekota said he knew for certain there were ANC members about to resign in “big numbers” in support of his movement.

Only a few hundred supporters of his plans to hold a national convention in Bloemfontein on November 2 showed up at Thursday’s meeting. Organisers had said beforehand that about 4 000 people were expected to attend.

The convention will discuss the formation of a new political party. Lekota said he also expected some opposition parties to attend the convention but did not elaborate.