In 2-3 days

Don’t waste any time in the capital, Tegucigalpa. Head straight out
to the Bay Islands for three days of spectacular diving and lazing on
dreamy Caribbean beaches. If you aren’t a certified scuba diver, it’s
an ideal place to learn, with prices starting at around US$130 — as
cheap as you’ll find anywhere. If you’re lucky, you might even
encounter the majestic yet elusive whale sharks which cruise the coast
of Honduras in search of plankton.

In a week

Doing the Bay Islands in 2-3 days is far too much of a rush. If you
have a week, take some extra time for additional scuba dives or sign up
for your advanced course if you fancy taking your diving abilities to
the next level. With a week, there’s plenty of time for some island
hopping as well as chance to really slip into the relaxed Caribbean
vibe, work on your tan and sip a few poolside cocktails.

In two weeks +

Once you’ve got your beach and scuba fix, use your second week to
explore the startling collection of elaborately carved stonework that
is the ruins of Copán. Then explore some of the cloud forest
reserves, wildliufe sanctuaries and isolated mountain regions that most
visitors never see. It’s worth travelling by the colourful chicken
buses where possible, even though express services can be quicker.

Finally, consider checking yourself into a language school if
you have extra time up your sleeve — it’s the best way to improve your
Spanish and really get to know the resilient and intriguing people.Honduras offers a couple of attractive options for doing a Spanish
course, paticularly La Ceiba and Tela on the Caribbean side if you’re
in the area to do some diving. A few schools seem to have spilled over
the border into the charming Copan Ruinas as well.