Shrien Dewani, the British businessman accused of ordering the murder of his new wife in the so-called ‘Honeymoon Murder’ is too ill to attend an extradition hearing today.

The hearing to have Shrien Dewani extradited to South Africa to go on trial for the murder of his wife Anni, will take place without him.

Dewani’s publicist Max Clifford said Dewani does not need to attend City of Westminster Magistrate’s Court because the hearing is a 20 minute formality to fix a date for a future hearing. Clifford added that it was unlikely anyone from Dewani’s family would attend the hearing either.

Honeymoon murder: Shrien Dewai to be extradited
Dewani: “I did not kill wife”

South Africa’s justice authorities want Dewani to stand trial for the alleged contract killing of his new wife, 28-year-old Anni.

Shuttle bus driver Zola Tongo was jailed for 18 years last year in a plea agreement in which he implicated Dewani in her murder.

Tongo alleged in his statement that Dewani paid him 15,000 rand (£1400) for the murder.

Dewani rejects this claim. The businessman claimed that the couple had been hijacked and that he had been pushed out of the vehicle. Anni was later discovered in the back of the abandoned cab with a bullet wound to her neck.

Extradition lawyer Karen Todner told Sky News: “Extradition cases are always difficult to fight but I would be optimistic of his chances of opposing if he chooses to do so.

“I do not know of any case where someone has been extradited to South Africa.

“I think there would be a very good argument about their prison conditions and judicial system.”