Florida police unravelling the murders of British are examining whether or not two girls they partied with earlier were used as ‘honeytraps’.

The police released CCTV footage last night showing James Cooper, 25, and James Kouzaris, 24, in trendy Smokin’ Joe’s.

They want to know if the friends were lured by girls into a lethal ambush in the gang-infested Newtown neighbourhood of Sarasota.

The CCTV shows the two men talking to two girls standing at a table. The last shot of tennis coach Cooper and Kouzaris, a town planning student, is of them chatting to a blonde at 1.23am.

The friends – who met at Sheffield University – died in a hail of bullets soon after 2.50am as a robbery bid was bungled.

The Sun
reported the police want to find the girls to see if they could explain how and why the men made the three-mile trip to notorious Newtown.

Police Captain Paul Sutton said: “The women filmed are not suspects but the men may have told them what their plans were.”

Murder suspect Shawn ‘Young Savage’ Tyson, 16  had been out of jail for just 12 hours. He was released after being accused of shooting into a car.