A teenage yob chucked a brick at a four-year-old girl’s face, causing her to suffer a broken nose and lose two teeth.

Jersey-Lou Perry was hit in the face when the teenage boy threw the brick through the window of her dad’s van.

The attack took place after Jersey-Lou’s dad Kyle Perry, 23, asked a group of 15 yobs to stop kicking a football against the side of his van.

One of the youths then through the brick through the window, hitting Jersey-Lou was who strapped into a passenger seat.

She was instantly knocked out and her face was cut by the glass. Jersey-Lou’s two-year-old sister India and Kyle’s partner Kylie were also in the van at the time.

Kyle said: “Who throws a house brick at an innocent little girl?

“The coward who did this must hand himself in to the police. He could have killed her.”

He added: He said: “I had pulled my van over when a group of lads started kicking a ball up against the door. It was scaring the girls so I got out and told them to pack it in.

“A group of about 12 to 15 of them started to walk towards me. I got back in the van and started to drive off.

“Then a guy who had been hiding behind a wall jumped out and threw something.

“I heard glass smashing and looked over to see if everyone was all right.

“That’s when I saw Jersey-Lou had been hit. She was out cold and there was blood everywhere.”

Jersey-Lou’s mum Laura Mussell, who is separated from Kyle, was heartbroken when she saw her daughter’s face.

“It’s incredible to think anyone could live with themselves for doing such a thing to an innocent little girl.

“If I was the parent of the coward responsible I would be completely ashamed. And the first thing I’d do would be to drag them down to the police station.

“Jersey-Lou’s injuries have gone down a bit now. But her dad has only just pulled out another piece of glass from her cheek.”

On forums, people have been expressing their disgust at the attack, with one commenting: “Bring back the birch. Quick, easy to use and cheap”. 

A 17-year old has been arrested in connection with the incident.

Anyone with information should call Humberside Police on 0845 6060222.