Are you desperate to see your favourite band,catch a big sporting event, or hit the slopes, but simply can’t afford it?

Then why not kill two birds with one stone (metaphorically of course – I’m not sure how much earning potential killing birds with stones actually has). Getting work through one of the many agencies that specialise in hospitality jobs is a great way to get your foot into events and get paid for the privilege.

However, it’s vital that you get the Responsible Service of Alcohol )RSA) certificate.

That means doing a one-day course, but without it you won’t get a job involving alcohol in New South Wales or Queensland and most other states and territories prefer you to have it.

Experience is also very sought after, explains Robyn Hill of Troys Hospitality Staff, because “clients use our agency when their own staff are sick so they don’t have time to train people”.

An outgoing personality, plus the right qualifications if you’re a chef, will also help you out a lot, adds Hill.

Once you’ve picked up the right experience, qualifications and a personality, there’s some pretty decent wage packets waiting for you out there.

Waiters and kitchenhands can get $19 per hour during the week or $24 at weekends. Chefs can earn $24 during the week or up to $29 an hour at weekends.

And luckily, if the summer has hit your wallet hard, now is a good time to land a job. “We will recruit large volumes of staff in the lead up to Easter,” says Hill.

If you’re a skiing or snowboarding enthusiast it’s also worth sorting your act out now.

While most people probably think of sunny beaches rather than white slopes while they’re Down Under, Oz does apparently have a ski season.

The season runs from June to October, but resorts in the Victorian Alps and Snowy Mountains, such as Thredbo and Perisher Valley, are starting to hire now.