Float above gorgeous landscapes in a hot air balloon. Here are five of the world’s best.

Arenal National Park, 
Costa Rica

What: Soar high above Arenal National Park’s steamy rainforests to spot monkeys. On a clear day, you can see the eruptions of the active Arenal Volcano.
See: visitcostarica.com

Masai Mara, Kenya

What: Spot lions and elephants from the safety of 
a hot air balloon. Masai Mara’s treeless plains are perfect for  ballooning trips as it means that the animals have nowhere to hide. The glorious savannah scenery can be savoured from above too. 
See: magicalkenya.com

Yarra Valley, Australia

What: Victoria’s Yarra Valley 
is one of Australia’s best wine regions. Drift over the valley’s gorgeous patchwork of vineyards, lush hillsides, farms and forests by taking a balloon ride at sun rise, then have a glass of wine when you land. 
See: visitvictoria.com

Valley of the Kings, Egypt

What: Watch the sun rise over ancient Thebes, the City of 
the Dead, and see families sleeping on mud roofs. 
Enjoy views of the Nile and mountains, followed by the tombs of Tutankhamun 
and Queen Hatshepsut. 
See: egypt.travel

Cappadocia, Turkey

What: Float in a hot-air balloon over Cappadocia’s valleys and freaky-shaped pillars or “fairy chimneys”, formed by the erosion of soft volcanic rock. Thanks to the steady air currents, balloon pilots are able to fly almost every day of the year. The reliable thermals also mean that balloons can drift very 
close to the ground. 
See: gototurkey.co.uk

Janine Kelso