Why it works

On a self-drive safari in Zimbabwe, which Kenneth says he can’t recommend highly enough, he spotted a herd of kudu. “The male kudu dashed across the road and the rest of the herd followed him,” he tells us.

“The grass on the side was quite thick so they were jumping quite high to get over it. I flicked my camera into sports mode and shot themas they dashed across the road.” The kudu pictured is a female, and is a classic case of quality on-the-fly wildlife photography. Thanks Kenneth.

%TNT Magazine% IMG 6148


Eerie Eilean Donan

By Jade Manderson, Perth Australia

Why it works

This moody scene is of the iconic Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland, on a small island in the western Highlands. Jade tells us she prefers not to put the focus of her images in the centre, and takes advice from her best friend on the rule of threes.

But here, she says: “I have just been lucky enough to be able to look at something and think ‘that would be a great photo’.” She adds: “The castle was really picturesque as the clouds gave it great lighting but also made it look a bit eerie.”



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