But are they? 

This post gives you the key to full-time vacations while working on your laptop. There are many ways to incorporate more adventure traveling all over the world while working remotely.  There are two main ways you can achieve a full-time vacation while working.  Find a full-time job that allows you to work remotely from anywhere in the world or become your employer. 

One way or another anyone can become a full-time vacationer. Why should you give up on travel? Even if you are an independent entrepreneur or a regular 9-to-5 full-time job and still have the opportunity to see the high-rises Shanghai, the beaches in Singapore or the peaks of Patagonia while achieving your career goals.

Find a Full-Time Job in a Company that Allows you to Work Remotely

Consider doing the same job, but not in an office. Digital age era and advancement in technology has allowed some companies to become more flexible with their work policy. As long as you get your task completed in the office, home or somewhere else doesn’t matter. When work is done, you can have some fun. 

If your company does allow working from remote, convince your boss to let you work remotely, and when the work is done, you can leave for your destination for some time to work from there. 

Granted, you will have to complete all your tasks, and later enjoy your dream destination fully. Always meet your manager’s expectations, while organizing your time. When looking to become a full-time vacationer, make sure your job can be done from home, as in some cases one can’t work remotely.  In such a situation is trying to find work-life balance, when the position requires physical presence. 

Make A Career Transition

If your job isn’t one that offers plenty of vacation time, pay or flexibility to travel more, consider making a transition toward careers that let you move comfortably. There are tons of jobs across the world that can offer remote work, frequent travel, and provide travel benefits, and more.  Note, travel-friendly positions are very competitive. Thus, the search is hardly natural. You need special skills, flexible with your hours and location to rise above the competition. 

The best vacation friendly careers include:

  • Travel industry such as travel agent, tour guide, cruise/airline/hotel employee.
  • Remote works such as writer, web designer, programmer, coder, virtual assistant among others. 

Become your Employer

You can quickly become a full-time vactioneeer, especially at a time when all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to run a business. The adoption of a nomadic lifestyle can achieve this. A digital nomad gets their work completed from anywhere and travels the world when they are not working. 

Any remote job can support a digital nomad lifestyle, for example, trading forex, stock trading
Share trading, CFD trading
among others can be done remotely and yield enough money to finance a full-time vacation.  If you are good at teaching, start teaching online or coaching or if you’re good at writing, write books, eBooks, blogs and sell online. 

To make a digital nomad lifestyle work for you, visit “nomad hotspots” places where digital nomad from all over the world gathers. Such sites offer a modest lifestyle, and the internet is good – Bali in Indonesia, Medellin in Columbia, or Chiang Mai in Thailand. 

Lastly, where would you go if you could travel while working a 9-5 job? The above tips are openers on how to become a full-time vacationeer while working with just a laptop.