There is no denying that London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You may have already visited some of the popular tourist destinations here, but there are a few unique locations that will take your breath away. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the places you should include in your itinerary.

Little Venice

Just as the name suggests, Little Venice is a smaller replica of the original Italian city. It is home to some beautiful canals and waterways. Hop on a boat and explore the atmospheric Regent’s Canal that passes through various tourist attractions like Camden Town and ZSL London Zoo. Don’t forget to visit the Camden Lock Market during the tour. Little Venice is hardly half an hour’s drive from Paddington. You can hire a car to pick you up from the hotel. Apex Cars in London is known as for its professional, affordable, and high-quality car hire services.

Wilton’s Music Hall

If you are a music lover, Wilton’s Music Hall should be in your wishlist. It is a traditional Victorian-era music hall located in London’s Tower Hamlets. The hall has recently been restored to its former glory, and you can buy tickets to enjoy an evening of scintillating performances while sipping a drink at the Mahogany Bar.

Dennis Severs’ House

This is the house of the former artist Dennis Severs. It is one of the most underrated tourist attractions that you shouldn’t miss. You can take a tour of the house which is decorated as if time froze after the 18th century. The antique furniture, uneaten food, glowing candles, and everything else gives a feeling as if the family is still living in this timeless house.

Eltham Palace

When a top-notch Art Deco mansion blends with a medieval palace, you get the Eltham Palace. This is one of the most iconic historic properties in London, which used to be the favorite hunting spot of Henry VIII. The palace went through several modifications until Stephen and Virginia Courtauld remodeled it into a unique mansion.

The Thames Path

If you want to discover some of the hidden treasures of London, you need to explore the 40-mile stretch of The Thames Path. Visit The Prospect of Whitby, one of the favorite pubs of Charles Dickens, enjoy a quiet sunset at the public beach, and you can also roam around in the village of Rotherhithe.

Kyoto Gardens

This is a hidden gem wrapped in one of the beautiful locations in London, Holland Park. Reaching Kyoto Gardens is easy from Kensington. This Japanese garden has plenty of hidden corners where you can spend some time in peace. The winding paths, peacocks, the statues, orangery, and the opera house – everything looks perfectly placed. Not visiting the Kyoto Gardens will be a huge missed opportunity for any traveler.

It is easy to look up some of the most popular places in London and take a day to visit them. But, if you are one to go against the crowd, then these offbeat locations will make you want to come back for more.