But what if you have a tight budget for your wedding? Then what would be the perfect solution? Well just to help you out. We are going to talk about How to buy a wedding dress in a budget guide.

So let’s just jump into the topic:

How to buy a wedding dress in a budget?

Buy Secondhand

As you already know that brides only wear the dress once in their lifetime. After that, they keep it somewhere safe for the rest of their lives. But spending too much of money on a premium dress for a day does not even make sense. 

Hence it’s a good idea to purchase a secondhand dress. On a secondhand dress, you can get a discount of up to 50% or more. This way, you will get a brand new wedding dress without spending too much money.

For a secondhand wedding dress, you can check out different offline stores that sell secondhand stuff. Also, there are quite a lot of online websites which offers you secondhand wedding dress. 

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Check Samples Wedding Dresses

You can also get a sample wedding dress. Sample wedding dresses are those ones which are tried by brides in the shops and after each session, the wedding dress inventory changes their existing collection and comes with a new one and during such period they sales those sample dresses at a very low price. 

So in order to crack one of such deals, you can ask those shops about an upcoming sale or if they are willing to sell any sample wedding dress or not. 

However, the thing about wedding dresses is that you do not get a new one. Instead, you get something that is worn by many brides and that is why you will need to take care of the cleaning process of the grown. Also, if you want any alterations, then you will need to pay for them separately. 

Check Out Online Websites

The thing about the online world is that there are quite a lot of websites are available out there that sells dresses at a cheap price. Also, they usually have a huge collection of dresses. So you can simply visit one of such website and browse the dresses and order the one that you have liked the most.  In certain cases, you will need to pay for the shipping but that would not be a huge cost. Also, for online website, you can check out JJ’s House. As they have a great wedding dress collection available at the cheapest prices. 

Rent a Dress

Renting a dress is also one of the nice ideas that you can adopt. As you will only need to wear the wedding dress once. Then there is no need to buy a premium dress at all. Instead, you can simply rent it and attend your wedding and return the dress. You will not have to take care of the cleaning part or anything. Just make an order, and the rental service will do the job. 

There are quite a lot of wedding dress rental services are available. You can check for a rental service around your locality or you can try out some websites to do the job. 

A wedding dress can cost you more than $400. But on the other hand, if you rent a dress it will also cost you less than $100. So if you are really on a tight budget then renting a wedding dress must be the best option for you. 

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Borrow a Wedding Dress

In case, if you do not wish to rent a wedding dress. Then you can simply borrow it from someone else. If you have a friend or family member of your size, then you can simply ask them if you can borrow their dress or not. If they agree, you will need to take care of the cleaning part and you are all done. 

However, not everyone will be okay with it. As wedding dresses have sentimental value too. So do not get offended if someone rejects your proposal. Also, if you get a dress to borrow then do make sure you are handing over the dress with professional matters and with proper cleaning. As you do not want a bad impression of yourself on someone else. 

Negotiate a Price

If you are going to some shop to buy a wedding dress. Then do not forget to negotiate the price. As there is always a room for negotiations. However, some shops may not negotiate the price due to their policies. But there will be a lot of shops which will feel free to offer you a negotiated price. 

Also, for this, you can simply avoid the popular shops as they do not usually offer a discount. But if it is a not so popular place then you might get a discount. 

Go Simple

In the end, if you want to save as much money as you can. Then go simple. Do not run behind all the bling instead live in the moment and enjoy your wedding. A wedding is more of memory rather than a show of your financial statement. So if you cannot afford expensive stuff, then simply go with a simple look in a firm budget. 

Final Words:

So that was a guide on how to buy a wedding dress in a budget. Now go ahead and check the market and see from where you can find cheap wedding dresses. Also, if you have any more questions, do mention them below.