This momentous occasion means having everything go right, including the celebration after the official ceremony. If you need help planning your celebratory event for that grad, these tips will help you.

1. Decorations are a must.

No party can work without decorations. The need to dress up the house to make them the center of attention is evident, and Printmoz banners can provide one piece of the puzzle. Banners can include some fun personalized details like sports they played or instruments. Photos of their progress through school is fun, too. The number of decorations you choose is up to you, but make sure they focus on their big day’s importance.

2. Food and refreshments are also a must.

It should go without saying that food and refreshments are mandatory for a party. Underline it, highlight it, and exclamation mark it because a party without food or drinks gets really boring really fast. The key to hosting a party, even if it’s not for you, is to ensure that everyone is fed and happy. Think about your menu weeks ahead of time to give yourself ample preparation to make food. Appetizers like finger foods work really well, as does buffet-style food catering, and so does a simple bar set up for non-alcoholic drinks and alcoholic drinks for people to serve themselves.

3. Outside or inside?

Depending on when the graduation is, and what your home setup is like, you need to figure out if outside or inside is the place to host the party. Inside is great because the weather isn’t a problem, so a late fall or winter grad celebration isn’t an issue, but outside is nice because you can throw a barbecue party if you choose. Figuring out if the inside or outside is the right place comes down to your patio, the weather, and plain old preference.

4. Keep the guest list reasonable.

Nothing hurts a party like disorganized guest list preparation. If you don’t figure out who is and isn’t coming quickly, you could be looking at not enough food or drinks, not enough seating and space, and a general mess. Close family members, close friends, and close classmates should be the most prominent people on the guest list for the graduation party. If it starts to become too much where everyone is bringing a plus one, you run into those problems. Making this list in advance and sending out invitations help you know how much of everything to get and keep things nice and straightforward.


Graduation is a huge milestone in someone’s life. Whether it’s elementary to middle/high school, high school to college, or the fabled college graduation, it represents a significant change in life. This change should be a cause for celebration, so a graduation party is a joyous occasion. This advice will help you plan a fun grad party for that special someone in your life.